Child Protection Campaigns

Child Protection: Mine and ERW Awareness Campaign – Nabd Community Center, Behm Camps, Sweida

“When young children died, they were working in the land. We didn’t understand why and how. They told us they died because of a strange object they found on the ground. When you came here, however, and we saw what are the objects that could harm us and our parents, we believe we must get cautious, pay more attention to protect ourselves.”

This is what an adolescent boy said during the campaign conducted by the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD), in cooperation

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with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), under the title Mine and ERW Awareness, conducted at the Nabd Community Center, Behm Camps, Sweida.

Throughout the session, types, hazards, and disastrous effects of ERW/UXO have been duly explained, as well as how to protect children from them: being aware of warning signs, safe conduct, emergency situations – in addition to emphasizing reporting to the toll-free number (108) designated by the Ministry of Interior for that purpose.

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SSSD facilitators also insisted on the necessity of delivering and instilling awareness messages, thus raising the level of ERW awareness, in order to protect our children and ensure a healthy, safe and injury-free society.

At the end of the session, one of the children said: “I thought it was merely a strange toy I could play and have fun with. I didn’t know it could cause my death!”


Child Protection: “A Child’s Book and Play Are Their Only Concern” campaign – Qaisama and Behm Camps, Nabd Community Center, Sweida

“It’s been ages since I last held a book or played a game... Our days are spent in work on farmlands and projects... The campaign reminded me that I should play, learn and steal these precious moments in our young life.”

This is what an adolescent girl shared with us at the end of the campaign “A Child’s Book and Play Are Their Only Concern,” carried out by the team of Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD), in cooperation with the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), CP Department, through networking with the Education Programme in the camps of the village of Qaisma and Behm, Salkhad, Sweida.





Through the campaign, we shed light on the risks of child labor, educating children about its causes and psychological and physical effects, and developing proposals to mitigate its risks.


 We also emphasized the importance of children protecting themselves against work hazards, while emphasizing the importance of education and the necessity to resume it through the Accelerated Education Programme.




In conclusion, an adolescent boy said: “Today we played a very nice game which we enjoyed so much. At the same time, it pointed out several important things that we must learn to be able to benefit from our knowledge in days to come.”



Awareness Raising Campaign “Small Size, Huge Burden” – Child Protection Program – Homs, Hama, Idlib.

Because child labor is considered a violation of childhood and a heavy burden that exceed the child’s size and capability, causing risks that endanger their lives and future and deprive them of their rights.


 And based on monitoring many children exposed to labor and due to their lack of knowledge and their parents’ of its negative effects, SSSD Team implemented a campaign entitled “Small Size, Huge Burden”, on the occasion of the World Day Against Child Labor within CP program in all CCs and related AoRs in Homs, Hama, and Idlib governorates.


The campaign targeted children, adolescents from both genders, parents, caregivers and employers. It included awareness raising sessions implemented in coordination with PSS, GBV, educational support, legal support in cooperation with SARC and the Syrian Trust, and the health points.


 in addition to series of recreational activities that included sport matches and competitions organized by the adolescents of child protection clubs. In addition to activities to integrate working children with their peers, to enforce their right to play and to emphasis the importance of developing their talents and skills.


The team cooperated and came to an agreement with the employers to find suitable time for children to attend the activities continually.


The CP clubs adolescents also visited the working children in their work places to offer them and their employers’ awareness raising messages, tools of protection, and souvenirs. In addition, they conducted meetings with children, employers and caregivers as a survey of their opinions about child labor.


The team also participated in preparing a media awareness campaign through radio and telecommunication networks and painting murals in several areas in the governorates to convey awareness raising messages about child labor to the largest segment of beneficiaries and to alleviate child labor and its effects.


Child Protection: “Streets Don’t Protect Us, a Home that Shelters Us” awareness session on the risks of the street – Nabd Community Center, Sweida

“The street is a double-edged sword, it is fun to play in but, at the same time, it may contain risks and people we shouldn’t meet,” said an adolescent girl during the awareness session carried out by the SSSD Child Protection Club, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), at the Nabd Community Center in Salkhad, Sweida.

The session discussed the risks of playing on the street and its negative effects on adolescents.

It also gave clues to safe playing and designated places for teens to play in, using the street play “risk bar” and explaining the “tree of causes” of behaviors resulting from street playing.

At the end of the session, an adolescent boy said: “I liked the safe space so much, as I was able to play and learn in it, safely and without fear, unlike my playing on the street.”


Child Protection: “I Belong to You” campaign to integrate children with disabilities into community – Nabd Community Center, Sweida

“I’m thrilled I learned ways to integrate my brother with the rest of the kids,” said an adolescent girl who participated in the awareness sessions campaign carried out by the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD), in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), under the title I Belong to You, all conducted at the Nabd Community Center in Salkhad, Sweida.


Sessions have been seasoned with a series of recreational activities for children and adolescents that embody the content of the campaign, namely to integrate people with disabilities with normal people in the community.


At the end of a session, an adolescent boy said: “I used to hear terms like ‘people with disabilities’ and ‘people with special needs’, not knowing the difference, thinking they were identical! After the sessions, however, I learned something new that enabled me to distinguish between the two terms.”


“No to Violence, Yes to Forgiveness” campaign-al-Hariseh, Sweida

“We can certainly enhance our children’s self-confidence by always trying to be coherent and reconcile with them to keep them away from all forms of violence.”

This is what a woman said during our visit to a village in the Sweida Governorate, city of Salkhad, where the Syrian Society for Social Development’s mobile team, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, within the Child Protection Programme, implemented a campaign under the slogan “No to Violence, Yes to Forgiveness”.

As part of the campaign in the village of al-Hariseh, we held an awareness session with caregivers on the causes and consequences of physical and verbal abuse, the great impact of this phenomenon and its repercussions on children’s behavior and their relationship with parents and with others. In the words of one of the women participants:
“We benefit a lot from the topics that are presented in the sessions which encourage each one of us to work on themselves as well as on their children, teaching them that beating is not for the strong, that no one is “stronger” than anyone else, that we can all be reconciled with ourselves and with others.”

International Child Labor Day: “It is too Early for Us!” Awareness Campaign - Homs

It is a deprivation of childhood. A danger that negatively affects children physically, mentally, psychologically and socially, and exposes them to many risks. It is child labor, which spread gravely and increased its risks under the Corona pandemic.

In response to this this phenomenon, and on the occasion of the World Day Against Child Labor, SSSD’s team in Homs in cooperation with UNHCR launched an awareness raising campaign within Child Protection Program under the title “it is too early”, in Shin, Al-Hosn and Al-Qusayr.

The campaign targeted all age groups from both genders, and aimed to raise awareness about the risks of child labor, especially in light of the Corona pandemic. In addition to discussing its reasons, and cooperating with the beneficiaries to come up solutions to limit it in our society.

 During the campaign, the team implemented several sessions in the community centers, following all safety and precautionary measures such as periodic sterilization, wearing masks and gloves, maintaining social distancing, and limiting beneficiaries’ attendance for each session. 17 beneficiaries benefitted from these sessions.

 Other sessions were implemented through social media platforms in coordination with Health Point Program, and the legal department in SARC, benefitting about 505 beneficiaries.
Children and caregivers showed great interaction during the sessions, emphasizing its influence and the importance of providing the legal and health information related to child labor.

 To conclude the campaign, the adolescents of child protection clubs in the community centers shared the information through social media platforms, reaching over 240 beneficiaries. Moreover, they designed brochures explaining the risks of child labor and distributed them to 10 working children in their job locations, and encouraged them to follow safety procedures to protect themselves from Coronavirus.


Awareness Campaign for the International Day for Child Labor – Tartous

"The natural place for my son is in the school, but the conditions are stronger than us" expressed one of the women in the awareness campaign entitled "School Is My Place" in the World Day Against Child Labor, which implemented by the Syrian Society for Social Development in cooperation with UNHCR at Ward Jury Center with the participation of the Child's Club.

The month-long campaign targeted women, working children, people with special needs, non-workers and employers in several regions within Banias city. The sessions focused on labor risks, their economic and social reasons, with an emphasis on the need to engage the child in work that does not fit their physical abilities, and to report any abuse to which the child is exposed at work environment and how to protect the child from such abuse by employers and the family.

During the sessions, it was emphasized on observing all precautionary measures and safety distances to prevent the emerging Coronavirus.


Visiting Internally Displaced Families on the International Child Labor Day - Baniyas, Tartous

In light of the current economic conditions and the prevalence of child labor, a team from the Syrian Society for Social Development with the support of UNHCR, visited and followed up some of the displaced families in Harrison and Al-Hami area.

the Child Protection Team at Beit Al Yasmin Community Center, within the activities of the International Child Labor Day, followed up individual cases of children who drop out of schools and working children.

 In addition to awareness sessions for parents and children about the danger of child labor and how to protect them during work, choose jobs that do not constitute a danger to them or deprive them of their rights.

 And educate them about maintaining hygienic conditions, washing hands and not integrate with each other during work regarding the spread of the Coruna virus


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