Child Protection: “A Child’s Book and Play Are Their Only Concern” campaign – Qaisama and Behm Camps, Nabd Community Center, Sweida

“It’s been ages since I last held a book or played a game... Our days are spent in work on farmlands and projects... The campaign reminded me that I should play, learn and steal these precious moments in our young life.”

This is what an adolescent girl shared with us at the end of the campaign “A Child’s Book and Play Are Their Only Concern,” carried out by the team of Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD), in cooperation with the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), CP Department, through networking with the Education Programme in the camps of the village of Qaisma and Behm, Salkhad, Sweida.





Through the campaign, we shed light on the risks of child labor, educating children about its causes and psychological and physical effects, and developing proposals to mitigate its risks.


 We also emphasized the importance of children protecting themselves against work hazards, while emphasizing the importance of education and the necessity to resume it through the Accelerated Education Programme.




In conclusion, an adolescent boy said: “Today we played a very nice game which we enjoyed so much. At the same time, it pointed out several important things that we must learn to be able to benefit from our knowledge in days to come.”