Dahab Atiq (“Old-But-Gold”) Program

War does not spare the elderly its ravages and misfortunes. Like younger groups, seniors are vulnerable to theft, violence and neglect when resources are scarce. Furthermore, the problems of illiteracy and social marginalization may limit their ability to understand and respond to public information about the risks they face during emergencies in order to make use of available resources. Consequently, work started with this group to promote their inalienable right to protection.

Through its various activities, the Old-But-Gold Program aims at demarginalizing the elderly by integrating them into the rest of the groups and shedding light on the richness of their life experiences and the need to draw inspiration from these. It also aims at reclaiming their real status by rehabilitating them, both personally and socially, and spreading awareness within their social milieu about the importance of treating them with respect and gratitude. Empowering seniors cannot but open for them new prospects to dignified living and self-reliance.