Community-Based Organizations Program

UNHCR and Partners continue to follow a community-based approach through their static and mobile facilities. These structures will serve as hubs for providing protection services aiming to prevent, mitigate and respond to protection risks. 

To mobilize the communities and enhance their abilities to identify protection risks and respond to them, UNHCR and partners will strengthen the community’s participation and self-management, mobilize the community to design and lead Initiatives, motivated through focus group discussions facilitated by the partner. 

UNHCR and partners will also work on identifying and supporting existing community structures and grassroots organizations through training, mentoring and financial support under their Youth-Led Initiatives (YLIs) and Community-Based Organizations programs (CBOs).

The CBO program is designed on the basis of providing support at several levels: financial, technical, and institutional
The program includes providing the necessary trainings for LNGOs to qualify them to present their project ideas that meet the needs based on the needs of society while achieving the idea of sustainability for the project.

The Syrian Society continues annually, in cooperation with UNHCR, to implement the program OF CBO, and is keen to reach the maximum possible success criteria in the file’s outputs.