Case Management (CM) and Psychosocial Support (PSS)

Case management is an integrated process that begins by a volunteer identifying and monitoring the case of a GBV vulnerable or at-risk person through sessions, campaigns, women’s committees or any other source, such as self-referrals where the individual seeks assistance directly from the case manager.

The case manager assesses the case in terms of needs and risks and develops an intervention plan that meets the needs of each case and makes the necessary referrals, whether internal or external, according to availability, including (but not limited to) referral of the SGBV survivor to social, legal and health services. The case manager follows up the referrals and then closes the case after the survivor accesses the services needed.

The PSS program aims to provide protection activities to women and children as well as other persons with specific needs.

For women, SSSD provides awareness activities that address women protection-related issues identified within the community and through engagement of the community in identifying relevant topics. In addition, SSSD provides counselling, support and referral to other services for women identified with specific protection needs.

These activities take place in all CCs and CSs.