Awareness Raising Campaign “Small Size, Huge Burden” – Child Protection Program – Homs, Hama, Idlib.

Because child labor is considered a violation of childhood and a heavy burden that exceed the child’s size and capability, causing risks that endanger their lives and future and deprive them of their rights.


 And based on monitoring many children exposed to labor and due to their lack of knowledge and their parents’ of its negative effects, SSSD Team implemented a campaign entitled “Small Size, Huge Burden”, on the occasion of the World Day Against Child Labor within CP program in all CCs and related AoRs in Homs, Hama, and Idlib governorates.


The campaign targeted children, adolescents from both genders, parents, caregivers and employers. It included awareness raising sessions implemented in coordination with PSS, GBV, educational support, legal support in cooperation with SARC and the Syrian Trust, and the health points.


 in addition to series of recreational activities that included sport matches and competitions organized by the adolescents of child protection clubs. In addition to activities to integrate working children with their peers, to enforce their right to play and to emphasis the importance of developing their talents and skills.


The team cooperated and came to an agreement with the employers to find suitable time for children to attend the activities continually.


The CP clubs adolescents also visited the working children in their work places to offer them and their employers’ awareness raising messages, tools of protection, and souvenirs. In addition, they conducted meetings with children, employers and caregivers as a survey of their opinions about child labor.


The team also participated in preparing a media awareness campaign through radio and telecommunication networks and painting murals in several areas in the governorates to convey awareness raising messages about child labor to the largest segment of beneficiaries and to alleviate child labor and its effects.


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