Awareness Campaign for the International Day for Child Labor – Tartous

"The natural place for my son is in the school, but the conditions are stronger than us" expressed one of the women in the awareness campaign entitled "School Is My Place" in the World Day Against Child Labor, which implemented by the Syrian Society for Social Development in cooperation with UNHCR at Ward Jury Center with the participation of the Child's Club.

The month-long campaign targeted women, working children, people with special needs, non-workers and employers in several regions within Banias city. The sessions focused on labor risks, their economic and social reasons, with an emphasis on the need to engage the child in work that does not fit their physical abilities, and to report any abuse to which the child is exposed at work environment and how to protect the child from such abuse by employers and the family.

During the sessions, it was emphasized on observing all precautionary measures and safety distances to prevent the emerging Coronavirus.