The “Forsa” Educational Programme

  • The "Forsa" Programme targets children who drop out of school mainly because of child labour—being the most prevalent group and because of the challenges in working with them that lie in the possibility of them returning to school, despite the ease with which they are monitored and reached.


  • The Programme’s General Objective is to endeavour to find an alternative opportunity for child dropouts, who support their families and are, therefore, unable to enrol in regular education, to resume education in safe places close to their workplaces, at times commensurate with their working hours, or by helping them find other educational opportunities to enrol in, such as vocational learning or applying for the preparatory or high school certificates as freelancers.


  • This is done either
  1. by opening schools in a second or third (evening) official time for these groups after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Education;
  2. or by creating safe educational spaces that guarantee an appropriate classroom environment that helps a child receive education and enjoy the right to determine his educational career apart from circumstances.



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