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Home-based Rehabilitation for Children with Intellectual Disabilities:

The inclusion of children with disabilities with their peers is considered a social and humanitarian necessity to enhance the concepts of acceptance, respect and support.


 As playing, is an effective way to develop social communication skills and interact with other children.


The HBR specialist for children at Beit Al-Yasmin Center, in cooperation with UNHCR, implemented an inclusive activity that included competitions and purposeful games that help focus, attention, visual-motor communication, identify spatial directions, achieve a better ability of physical fitness and increase communication and interaction among them.



Mental Health and PSS: Session for women on Stress-management – Beit al-Yasmine Community Centre, Tartous

Due to the current conditions and the psychological pressures that some women suffer from, the psychological support team at Beit Al Yasmin Center implemented a session for the women on psychological stress and its impact on physical and psychological health.

During the session, the women were divided into groups, each group wrote the reasons that make women suffer the psychological pressure and their suggestions to alleviate them.

 These suggestions were also presented and discussed with the groups.

In conclusion, the women shared methods of relaxation and breathing that contribute to relieving psychological pressure.

 One of the women expressed the extent of the comfort that she felt after the session, saying: “I felt great comfort and a new hope for an improvement in this difficult situation.”


World Down Syndrome Day activity - Beit Al Yasmin - Banias - Tartous

"Different in abilities equal in humanity"
That's what expressed by Children's Club team, at Bait Al Yasmin Community Center in cooperation (UNHCR), on the World Down Syndrome Day to shed a light on the skills and abilities of children with Down syndrome, who need early support, training and attention. As the activity included making roses by the Club members and accompanying them with expressions about the talents and abilities that characterize children with Down syndrome. Roses were distributed in public places after attending an awareness session that was conducted by the center's HBR officer.

Teacher's Day Activity – Beit Al-Yasmin - Banias – Tartous

"The teacher is an inspiring and vibrant person, who is able to create a student hungry for knowledge.
Happy teacher's Day."

With these words, the Children' Club team at Beit Al Yasmin Community Center, and in cooperation with UNHCR, expressed their gratitude to their school and their teachers at Al-Murooj School in Banias as part of an activity celebrating the teacher's day.

Where the club's team presented greeting cards that they had prepared in advance at the center for the school administration and teachers.


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