“No to Violence, Yes to Forgiveness” campaign-al-Hariseh, Sweida

“We can certainly enhance our children’s self-confidence by always trying to be coherent and reconcile with them to keep them away from all forms of violence.”

This is what a woman said during our visit to a village in the Sweida Governorate, city of Salkhad, where the Syrian Society for Social Development’s mobile team, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, within the Child Protection Programme, implemented a campaign under the slogan “No to Violence, Yes to Forgiveness”.

As part of the campaign in the village of al-Hariseh, we held an awareness session with caregivers on the causes and consequences of physical and verbal abuse, the great impact of this phenomenon and its repercussions on children’s behavior and their relationship with parents and with others. In the words of one of the women participants:
“We benefit a lot from the topics that are presented in the sessions which encourage each one of us to work on themselves as well as on their children, teaching them that beating is not for the strong, that no one is “stronger” than anyone else, that we can all be reconciled with ourselves and with others.”