Home-based Rehabilitation for Children with Disabilities: Inclusive Activity for children and peers – Ward Jouri Community Center, Banias, Tartous

In order to enhance the principle of inclusion and acceptance, the HBR specialist for children with disabilities at Ward Jury Center, in cooperation with the UNHCR implemented an inclusive activity for the children enrolled in the program with their ordinary peers.

 The activity includes a group of group kinetic games (balls and hoops - cones - ball transfer race) aimed at adhering to the laws of team play and commitment to the role, in addition to developing their ability to cooperate and interact with the team.

Child Protection: awareness sessions for children as part of the Back-to-School Campaign – Beit el-Yasmeen Community Center, Banias, Tartous

As part of "Back-to-School" campaign, the Child Protection team at Beit Al-Yasmin Center - Banias in cooperation with the UNHCR carried out awareness sessions in the center for the children of the IDP and local community.


The sessions dealt with the rights of the child, especially the right of education and its importance to the individual, family and society, in addition to discussing the causes of school dropout and its consequences for the child's present and future.


Puppet theatre, drawings on children's rights and wall paintings were used in order to convey ideas easily and fun.


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