Community-baes Initiatives: Training workshops to design and manage youth-led initiatives – Banias, Tartous

As part of the Youth Initiatives Program, the Syrian Society for Social Development in Tartous held training workshops to build and manage youth community initiatives at "Ward Jury - Beit Al-Yasmin – Elton Al-Jurd centers".


Three workshops were conducted; each workshop lasted for three days at a rate of 4 hours for each group in each center.

 Where information was provided to 66 beneficiaries, aged between 15-40 years, on how to build and organize a youth initiative that seeks to solve an existing problem in the community, and how to prepare the initiative's activities and its budget.


The participating youth interacted during the training and presented distinguished ideas, which can be built upon for initiatives that may contribute to improving their society. They also expressed the importance of these workshops and their desire to implement them in different places.


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