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Speaking and Diction - Ashrafieh Centerr - Educational process Support Department

"I was ashamed of how I seemed to read, but now and after I learned the skills and steps of diction, I had more confidence with myself."

This was expressed by one of the children during his participation in an educational session entitled "Speaking and Diction", as part of the summer club sessions which were carried out by the Syrian Society For Social Development in cooperation with UNHCR Syria at the Community at Al Ashrafieh Centerr in Aleppo.

The session aimed to familiarize children with speaking and diction skills, including explaining the types of speech, its characteristics, elements and rules, steps and stages of poetry diction and story, via presenting an illustration and making manual work, intellectual activity, some games and competitions.


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The visit of World Food Programme country office - Sanabel Al-Quniyah - PLW & OOSC

As part of the follow-up and supervision plan for the projects implemented under the sponsorship of the World Food Programme, a team from the country office of the World Food Program carried out a visit to the Al-Sanabel Center - Al-Quniyah.

The team looked over the process of electronic vouchers distribution regarding the project of nutritional support for pregnant and lactating women and out of school children.

The team also got to know with the services provided and the stages of registration and met some of the beneficiaries of the project and asked them about the service provided.


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Reading Challenge - Gloum and Hanano – Education

"The Arabic language is of great importance to most people. It sows inspiration and love for thinking in ourselves, breaks the barrier of time and space and makes us see things deeply from many sides. It is the sun of our lives and the oxygen that we breathe to live. It is the sport of reason, and I am not exaggerating when I say, that reading gives me happiness."

One of the participating children in the reading challenge held by the Syrian Society for Social Development in cooperation with the Agha Khan Foundation in the centers of Hananu and Aljoum in Aleppo on the occasion of the 23 April World Reading Day with the aim of encouraging children to read, summarize and conduct challenges among themselves for a series of stories and books.


the ceremony there were Lyrical paragraphs, and reciting poetic writings and some poems.



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