Life offers us light at the end of the tunnel, and in light of the human condition in which we currently live, there is no “light” like children who, despite the traumatic events they have been experiencing, continue to be a source of…


In natural disaster situations, adults suffer trauma. As for children, they show immediate symptoms of anxiety, fear, sadness, restless sleep, disturbing dreams, and lack of focus; some of them may even experience what is known as pos…


Women’s health care supplies during disasters are considered a human right that cannot be ignored. We must all contribute to helping women so that they do not incur additional suffering to obtain these supplies.


World Down Syndrome Day activity

"Different in abilities equal in humanity"

 Teacher's Day Activity – Beit Al-Yasmin - Banias - Tartous

"The teacher is an inspiring and vibrant person, who is able to create a student hungry for knowledge. Happy teacher's Day."

With thes…

I Can and I Will event

For all those with the most beautiful smile and greatest courage, and on the occasion of the International Day for Cancer Patients, the Syrian Society for Social Developm…


 Sun Flower.

As a rose blossoming from under the ashes, blooming to sunlight and celebrating life, is Mustapha now.

 Love Angel -Beit as-Salam -Home-based Rehabilitation Programme

Asmaa is a 10-year-old girl with Down Syndrome. She comes from a family of five, father, mother and three children. She was displaced from Jisr…

Carry on Regardless of Your Imperfections

Saleh Al- Hmeidy, born in 1989, married with children, served in the army and lost one of his legs during one of the…