World Down Syndrome Day activity - Beit Al Yasmin - Banias - Tartous

"Different in abilities equal in humanity"
That's what expressed by Children's Club team, at Bait Al Yasmin Community Center in cooperation (UNHCR), on the World Down Syndrome Day to shed a light on the skills and abilities of children with Down syndrome, who need early support, training and attention. As the activity included making roses by the Club members and accompanying them with expressions about the talents and abilities that characterize children with Down syndrome. Roses were distributed in public places after attending an awareness session that…

Teacher's Day Activity – Beit Al-Yasmin - Banias – Tartous

"The teacher is an inspiring and vibrant person, who is able to create a student hungry for knowledge. Happy teacher's Day."

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support: "I Can, and I Will" Event - Naseej Center, Hama

For all those with the most beautiful smile and greatest courage, and on the occasion of the International Day for Cancer Patients, the Syrian Society for Social Development team, in cooperation with UNHCR, carried out an event entitled "I Can, and I Will”, within the MH and PSS programmes in Naseej Al-Balad Center…

Gold is Precious Event

"I was so happy attending this celebration. It reminded me of the old good days, at which families gathered celebrating Halabi weddings in ancient houses," an elderly man happily commented during an event organized by the Syrian Society for Social…

I am Still Very Young, Anti-Early Marriage Event

"I will not allow my daughter to get married at an early age, I do want her to be deprived of her rights, I want her to avoid what I went through," one of the women attending the event "I am Still Very Young" stated.

The event was jointly organized by the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) and the United Nations Population Fund- Syria (UNFPA) in Aman Center, Aleppo City to raise awareness toward…

Old-But-Gold: “You are our Blessing”

Older persons represent a bridge that connects our past with our future. They are our blessing and ultimate source of experience and learning.

Visit to the city of Khan Sheikhoun, Rural Idlib

In response to the return of the population to the city of Khan Sheikhoun, Rural Idlib, and in order to quickly assess the needs and identify the risks faced by returnee families, the SSSD team visited the area and accompanied the families returning to the city. The team also conducted a focus group discussion…

Returnees to Khan Sheikhoun—Rural Idlib (2)

In response to the recent return of about 300 families to their homes in the town of Khan Sheikhoun, Rural Idlib, the team of the Syrian Society for Social Development visited the city to form an idea about the overall situation of the newly returned families.

Pearl Beads Event—Arab Cultural Center, al-Zahira

In the context of skills development of children with specific needs, and in order to enhance the latter’s self-confidence, the SSSD team organized an event at the Arab Cultural Center, al-Zahira, under the title Pearl Beads.

Together to Build a Promising Generation—Lam‘et Dahab Center, al-Zahira, Damascus

“Together to Build a Promising Generation” was the title of the two-month event carried out by the Syrian Society for Social Development team at the Arab Cultural Center in Kafr-Souseh. The event came as the series of activities’ closure of the Child Protection Programme implemented at the Lam‘et Dahab Center, in…

Music, Food of the Soul

A group of adolescents- from Ghosen Community Center, Izra, Daraa- proposed organizing a musical show celebrating summer and Eid Al-Fiter. Their initiative came to life within two months from the opening of the center; the volunteers and the management of the center happily welcomed the initiative.

Together We are More Beautiful Event - World Autism Day

An idea that has been alive in our hearts for a long period of time and later came to life as a campaign that included awareness sessions for all age groups, elaborating on autism disorder.
Concluding the campaign, the sun shone brightly on an event held on the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day. “Together…