Explosive remnants of war have a detrimental impact on societies even long after the end of the war, causing injuries

"The Arabic language is of great importance to most people.

In order to raise awareness about autism spectrum disorder, the Syrian Society for Social Development's Home Rehabilitation Programme for Persons with Disabilities in cooperation with UNHCR carried out a series of awareness sessions concerning autism

Life offers us light at the end of the tunnel, and in light of the human condition in which we currently live, there i

Women’s health care supplies during disasters are considered a human right that cannot be ignored.

Natural disasters create reactions both physically and psychologically, with many affected persons suffering from anxi

In light of the great pain that befell our region, the local community were able to prove that, together, they are bro

Based on the importance of the emergency response to the earthquake disaster in the Lattakia Governorate, Syria, and g

Children are particularly affected by natural disasters because of their physical and psychological vulnerability.

Although the disaster was great and its impact profound, children have the right to play and be entertained.

Within the framework of cooperation with official agencies and NGOs participating in the response, Al-Ihsan Charity As