"I hear with it" is the title of the science lesson that was explained to fifth-grade students in Iyad Kendo school in Banias city, as part of the remedial courses within the educational process support program, implemented by the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) in cooperation with the UNHCR.
The lesson included a detailed explanation about the ear, its parts, the location and function of each part…

Based on the importance of strengthening teamwork among the Children's Club members, and as a continuation of the Children's Club training series. CP team implemented, at Beit Al Yasmine Community Center and in cooperation with UNHCR, a targeted recreational activity for team building.

“We can certainly enhance our children’s self-confidence by always trying to be coherent and reconcile with them to keep them away from all forms of violence.”

This is what a woman said during our visit to a village in the Sweida Governorate, city of Salkhad, where the Syrian Society for Social Development’s mobile team, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, within the Child Protection Programme, implemented a campaign under the slogan “No to Violence, Yes to Forgiveness”.

As part of the campaign in the village of al-Hariseh, we held an…

"Women are an example of empowerment and achieving equality" This was the message of International Women's Day under the title (My decision will make a difference). That is through a bazaar for women's products set up by the Syrian Society for Social Development in cooperation with UNHCR, in Beit Al-Yasmine Center.

Based on the belief in the ability of women and their potential energy to produce and contribute to the development of themselves, and with the aim of supporting projects related to protection and providing support for projects proposed by volunteer and youth groups, and achieving community participation and spontaneous solidarity, the Syrian…

"I used to feel that they were a different from us, but today I knew that they are just like us and possessed abilities and talents that we may not have"

"My simple ideas will become a great initiative" This is what one of the adolescents of the Children's Club expressed during a session carried out by the CP Team at Beit Al Yasmin Community Center, SSSD in cooperation with the UNHCR.

Based on the importance of the child's role in contributing to support his community and peers, in creating visions and ideas that help in solving their problems.

Discrimination between male and female should be stop, because we have the same rights. At that time, we will limit the spread of violence significantly.”

In the presence of the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, and the Director of Social Affairs and Labor in Rural Damascus, and in cooperation with TearFund, the Syrian Society for Social Development team, in collaboration with the management of the Khaled bin Al-Walid Center for Juvenile Deliquents, implemented an event entitled "Small Steps" on the occasion of the World Children's Day.

The llatter aimed to introduce adolescents to the rights of the child, and to reinforce the importance of advocating for these rights in an…

With the aim of reaching and empowering breadwinner women, within the 16-Day campaign against Gender-Based Violence, the Syrian Society for Social Development team in Tartous in cooperation with the UNHCR, carried out awareness sessions in different areas of Banias countryside in order to promote gender equality and empower women.

In order to support livelihoods and securing a source of income for needy families and unemployed people, the Syrian Society for Social Development In cooperation with the UNHCR and in coordination with Tartous Agriculture Directorate, distributed small pastoral projects that included (sheep - cows) for a…