In order to enhance the principle of inclusion and acceptance, the HBR specialist for children with disabilities at Wa

In order to familiarize adolescents with the safety rules in the event of a fire , networking was established with the Aleppo Fire Brigade to pre

With the aim of introducing children to the importance of personal hygiene and the need to take care of the cleanlines

Given the importance of spreading the idea of humanitarian and community work, and the need to familiarize adolescents

Based on the desire and love of children to discover what is going on around them in real life, and because they are t

As part of "Back-to-School" campaign, the Child Protection team at Beit Al-Yasmin Center - Banias in cooperation with

Based on the vision of the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD), and in cooperation with the High Commissioner

Gender-based violence threatens women and girls as well as men and boys all over the world, thus, preventing the creat

With every seed that we planted, we sowed love.We were happy like little children while we were planting and we will c