Carry on Regardless of Your Imperfections

Saleh Al- Hmeidy, born in 1989, married with children, served in the army and lost one of his legs during one of the battles. Saleh fled to Al Hasakah city and was not able to provide for his family’s basic needs or put a shelter above their heads.


 He could not accept his new reality, he continuously felt helpless, particularly with his disability that made it impossible for him to find a job. He was devastated for being dependent on others to fulfill his daily personal needs. As days went by, the man gradually faded away and lost his passion and strong will, especially with the stagnant economy conditions.

In one sunny day, one of SSSD volunteers met Saleh and as they were talking his hope was reignited. The idea of running a repair shop for mobile phones came to light, which of Saleh could substantially improve his livelihood conditions and emotional wellbeing.

The Syrian Society for Social Development financially and emotionally supported Saleh. He was enrolled in an entrepreneurial management course to train him on running his start-up small business project. Within a short period of time, Saleh launched his project and his dream became true!

The small project had great impact on Saleh and his family, it covered their needs and instilled relief and happiness into their hearts while living in their new modest home.
Saleh affirmed this substantial improvement by saying, “I am no longer disabled, I do not feel incomplete. I am capable of meeting my family’s needs. This project has given me a lot of happiness and hope.” He added, “I have the courage to fight the hardships of the future.”

The principle of “carry on regardless of your imperfections” was Saleh’s core belief and he relied on it to embark his life change journey, with the support of the Syrian Society for Social Development, his dream became true!