Child Protection: Sports Activity for Children – Railway Collective Shelter, Aleppo

Life offers us light at the end of the tunnel, and in light of the human condition in which we currently live, there is no “light” like children who, despite the traumatic events they have been experiencing, continue to be a source of hope, life and energy.

Since our role is to provide psychological support to them, SSSD, in cooperation with the UNHCR, implemented an activity at the Railway Collective Shelter.

During the activity, the children trained in football and basketball, with warm-up exercises, free kicks, and running races, as well as doing concentration games, such as the Water Balloon Toss game and the Reverse game.

The children expressed their gratitude, saying:

  • “You’re helping me forget the fear and frustration I’m experiencing because of fleeing home.”

“Thank you for filling our time with you with useful things, especially since we can’t go to school.”


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