Child-friendly Space: Self-help Awareness Session on First Aid – Al-Hader Community Space, Rural Aleppo

"After we harvest the crops, we start a fire on the land. We did not know that fire would make snakes escape and sneak into homes."

"We learned today how to help a person who was stung, which is especially important these days as we hear the widespread of these bites."

“It is necessary to help the patient relax so that fear and anxiety don’t make the situation worse.”

the high temperatures encourage different types of snakes, scorpions and poisonous insects come out of their burrows, causing panic and fear in the hearts of the population, especially children.


With the aim of educating children about the dangers of bites, and how to perform the necessary first aid for the injured, the Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, implemented a session entitled (First Aid For Animal Bites), which was carried out in partnership with the medical point in the Al Hader area in Aleppo countryside.

The session included a visit to the doctor, who introduced the children to bites, their types, the symptoms that appear on the victim's body, and how to act in the event of being bitten.

This was followed by an explanatory video presentation on first aid to protect the victim from being stung and the need to call an ambulance and perform the necessary first aid until the victim arrives at the hospital and is given the anti-venom.

In conclusion, a practical experiment was carried out on how to rescue the stung victim by following the following steps:

1- Calming the patient

2- Applying ice on the sting to reduce the spread of poison.

3- Tying the point above injury.

4- Making an incision in the wound and sucking the poison, provided that there are no wounds in the mouth of the paramedic.

5- Transferring the injured to the hospital without moving it.