I got my life back

A 45- year old woman, Mrs. Souad lost her husband and currently lives with her son and daughter in-law. Her son is her only provider and she cannot live independently.

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Seeing Life through a new lens

Wafaa is a 51-year-old woman, married, with two daughters, who used to live in Jobar and work as an elementary teacher. The family suffered from financial hardships, the husband had to sell the house and buy a small house in Jaramana. During the crisis, the house was completely destroyed by a mortar shell.

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And a safe bed we made

Rima, a woman from northern rural Aleppo, was forced to flee her hometown because of the poor security conditions. She and her family of 7 children—the eldest of whom is 12 and the youngest 4 months old—currently live in an unfinished house at Daff al-Sakhr, Jaramana district, Rural Damascus.

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A new hope

Strangers had the unity of a situation: displacement, escaping death, loss and suffering. The village of Um Arquila, in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, was the same as other villages in the same area who had suffered from all above.
Ms. R, 33 years old is a mother of five children, she moved away and then returned after 3 years to live in a mud room at her husband's relatives.

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Walking Together

Anas, 17, was born in rural Aleppo. He grew up there, living with his parents and brother. His father used to work in agriculture, but as the crisis intensified in 2011, Anas was forced to leave with his mother and brother to Deir al-Zaur. His father did not wish to leave so he remained in his hometown.

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امرأة عاملة

السيدة "ر.س"، أرملة تبلغ من العمر37سنة، غير موظفة وهي أمّ لثلاثة أطفال، بنتين وصبي واحد، كانت تعيش مع أسرتها في محافظة دمشق (منطقة قطنا)، ولم يكن البيت الذي كانت تسكنه ملك لها بل كان بالإيجار، حيث أن وضعها المادي لم يكن جيد بما يكفي لشراء منزل.

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الحياة فرصة فاغتنمها

"م.ع" رجل متزوج يبلغ من العمر 56 سنة، لديه ولدان وبنتان، كان يعيش ويستقر في الرقة من اجل عمله هو وعائلته، وأثر هذه الحرب تعرض ابنه لإنفجار لغم ادى الى بتر قدم لديه، وازدياد الوضع سوءا في الرقة الامر الذي ادى إلى نزوحه مع عائلته إلى قرية لتون المرقب احدى قري مدينه بانياس وترك وراءه جميع ما جناه في حياته.

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