Educational Support


Education in 2017

Based on the vision of the Syrian Society for Social Development to move people from life’s “margins” to its core, and since education is one of children’s inalienable rights, guaranteeing protection, growth and performance in the future, the SSSD team worked on applying this vision in all its community centers in various Syrian governorates (Damascus and Rural Damascus, Hama and rural Hama, Tartous and rural Tartous, Aleppo and rural Aleppo, Hasakeh, Qamishli, Sweida and rural Sweida), as well as in temporary shelters for IDP arrivals from Eastern Ghouta and ‘Afrin. In accordance with the MoU with the Ministry of Education, SSSD also intervened in 165 public schools to target students who are committed to learning with group and individual remedial courses, and students who have dropped out school in order to enable them to resume their education. Thus, SSSD has reached 78,025 committed students and 18,200 dropouts. Not only was SSSD involved in direct education, but it also resorted to in-kind assistance by distributing stationery and school supplies to students and schools, as well as school manuals for dropouts, especially junior high and high school certificate candidates. SSSD also contributed to the restoration and rehabilitation of 31 schools in all governorates, repairing seats and renovating classrooms (repainting, electricity, boards, etc.). At the end of the 2017-2018 academic year, the success rate of students who were committed with us was 86%, with distinguished achievement by some of our candidates for junior high and high school certifications. The number of reregistered school dropouts who will be enrolled in the next school year is about 900.