With Hope I build a Home that Withstands Destruction

Hasan, a 15-year old, lost his parents and fled his home. He was deprived of warmth, his home city, where he grew up. War had its toll on him, his younger siblings and his elder brother and his family (wife and kids), they all fled to Damascus Suburbs, where they lived in a company in Adra Industrial City

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Our home is lightened

Mr. Akram, a 63-year-old retired employee, is a new return to Al Hosen with his family of four and his elderly mother with special needs in a house in the bush far from the city's serviced residential area.

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For a better life

Iman , a 45-year-old mother of seven children and a provider for her family because of her husband physical disability due to age-related diseases of clotting and saccharin, this made him bedridden and suffering from many physical ulcers, the family fled from Soran to Idlib because of the war and returned when civili

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The biggest help

Sana, 20 years old, living with her parents in the city of Hama suffers from the birth of paralysis of quadrilateral spasmodic partial upper and full lower limb, she has been under several operations, but could not walk and never went out of the house which caused her psychological pressure, we know her condition thr

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My dream came true

Zeina, The 12-years-old girl suffers from a disability in her feet, she is unable to move, she lives with her parents and siblings in the village Shat-ha , Hama, Her parents work in the agricultural land to secure the life requirements, her parents tried to get her back to school to complete her education and get her

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Your care made us happy

Mrs. Rawda is a resident of the village of Jousa in the governorate of Hama. She is a widow and has seven children who have been displaced more than once. The house was stolen during their displacement and they were not present in the area.

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The Beautiful Picture

Ms.Siham, a 42-year-old resident of Douma who used to own a photography shop, is now a widow and mother to six children, whose ages range from primary school to college. She also has a missing nephew.

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A Dot of Light in the Darkness of My Life Huda’ story

Ms. Huda is 34 years old and has four daughters. She used to live in Babilah where, in accordance with local customs, she married at 15 a young man aged 21. He was unemployed, living in his parents’ home, and even receiving his pocket money from his mother, which gave the latter tremendous power over the couple.

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Clean water for safe life

Displaced from Raqqa, Salman’s family who currently live in a rustic rural room in the foothills of a mountain village of rural Banias, managed finally to secure fresh drinking water after receiving in-kind assistance from SSSD-Tartous, namely, a water tank with its necessary accessories.

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