Livelihood Tool-kit


The Livelihood Tool-kit Program targets IDPs, returnees, and affected host community members. In compliance with specific criteria, the Program aims to promote their self-reliance and facilitate their return to the labor market by improving access to a range of professional work tools. It assists skilled IDPs who had lost their key productive assets (especially basic work tools) to resume work, by way of a professional trade or other enterprise, in order to generate an income sufficient to meet their basic needs.

What is a livelihood tool-kit?

This is a basic set of equipment and/or tools considered indispensable for a worker’s practice of a particular trade or profession. Each piece of equipment and/or tool is designed to be carried and used manually. For example: carpenter’s toolkit, electrician’s toolkit, painting tools and equipment, sewing kit and machine, men’s shaving and haircutting toolkit, etc.