In-kind Assistance: Warm Winter—Rural Banias, Tartous

Mariam was barely 20 years old when she gave birth to her first child. Although hardly 25, she is now mother to two daughters. Repudiated by her husband, she had to return to her father’s, along with two little girls on her lap, devoid of any source of income to provide for her offspring. She now dwells in a cold, mountainous, rural area, in a small room, built painstakingly upon her request by her brothers, in respect for her privacy.

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There is always light despite darkness

Words worth contemplating and reflection , Qamar, a 22-year old, an IDP from Jobar, lives with her family in a rented apartment in Al-Hameh and her father goes through hardship to make little income.

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The Journey Begins with a Single Step Etidal’s Story

Two-year old Etidal, a person with Down syndrome, lives in a family of six. The family was displaced from rural Aleppo and lives currentlyin an unfinished house in Jaramana, Daff al-Sakher. When they came to visit the community center to receive some services, the girl was registered, referred to the Rehabilitation Program and integrated into a Friendship Group. In fact, all children were enrolled in age-appropriate activities to obtain services offered at the CC.

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His Guardian Angel Youssef’s Story

We met Youssef’s mother after SSSD ORVs had monitored her son. She had come to the community center to get help for him, a 5-year-old Down syndrome boy living with a displaced family from Saqba (Damascus Reef) at one of their relatives’ because they could not afford to rent a house. He was then referred to the Home Rehabilitation Program by the Child Protection case manager.

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Gimme a chance and see how I get!” Inas’ story

“When we look at her now we can hardly believe our eyes!”
Thus said the mother of 8-year-old Inas, a girl with special needs, mental retardation and speech disorders. She currently lives with her family composed of 5 people in the Unfinished Buildings in extremely difficult living conditions after they were expelled from Rural Damascus (Hazzé).

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A Little Angel Dropped By… Little Ahmad’s Story

Five-year old Ahmad had development problems, nerve shortness, a mild cognitive retardation, and a hydrocephaly that affected the auditory nerve and hearing.
Ahmed lived in Jaramana, Daff al-Sakher, within a family of five, displaced from Aleppo, in a rented house under harsh material and health conditions.

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A Woman Beating the Odds

A.A, an exhausted young woman born in 1988, her hardship is double her age. With her husband gone missing at the beginning of the crisis, she was responsible for raising up 4 kids.

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Little Dreams

Mohammad Salem ‘Aboud, ‘Ali al-Maz‘al and Shaden Hawash al-Maz‘al, children barely 10, were displaced from Deir az-Zaur, their place of origin.

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A dream came true

Hanan is a woman with special needs. She is 38 years old. She lives with her sister in her family's home. Hanan suffers from polio which led to her disability, and she used a wheelchair, she relied on her sister's work in a library to pay for their living expenses.

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