Vocational Training: A Job Opportunity—Banias, Tartous

Majd B., a young man in his twenties, lives with his family in a popular neighborhood of the city of Banias. Unemployed, he had no source of income either to support himself or help his father provide for the large family.
Majd’s parents would have never expected that their careless son would become a successful, reliable man, running responsibly a small business of his own.
Majd heard that the Syrian Society for Social Development held vocational training courses at the Beit al-Yasmin Community Center. Since mobiles were his favorite hobby and he had already a considerable basic knowhow in mobile maintenance, he soon registered in the mobile maintenance course and was quite willing to learn more.
After a 3 three-month training and follow-up, the young man gained the necessary experience that qualified him for his mobile maintenance own business.
Soon after the course was over, Majd bought a mobile maintenance toolkit and opened his own shop in one of the city’s neighborhoods.
Thanks to the help of SSSD who secured the training that qualified him to open his own shop, Majd is now running a successful, income-generating business that enables him to cover his own expenses and help his family.