Shelter (Rehabilitation)

  • Provide life-saving and life-sustaining shelter support to all people in need.
  • Provision of adequate housing solutions; rehabilitation of public shelters, and upgrading of private shelters
  • Ensuring Returnees going back to their owned or rented houses

Repair works are preferably to be implemented in "Green buildings":

  • Buildings with light nonstructural damage(cement blocks, plaster)
  • Buildings with only infill works needed & no complete reconstruction
  • Buildings in vicinity of settlement areas
  • Buildings with minimum damage in infrastructure

Following the activities listed in the guideline and MolAE needs, spaces to be implemented  are:

  • Two rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Toilet
  • Stair case

Activities are:

  • Debris removal
  • Repair of batches in the walls
  • Repair of plaster
  • Repair/replacement of window frames.
  • Repair/replacement of electricity installation (cables, sockets, lamps, circuit breakers, breakers box…)
  • Repair/replacement of water installations (pipes, taps, accessories, water heater, water mixer, sinks, shower tray, water tank, water pump, connection to main water pipe)
  • Repair/replacement of sewage installations(pipes, accessories, arabic/western toilets, bluap, connection to building main sewage)
  • Repair/replacement of cement/ceramic tiles (especially in facilities)
  • Cleaning/painting walls
  • Securing Lift openings/doors
  • Repair/rebuilding of the roof fence
  • Possible distribution of "Shelter Kit"