A Dream Come True!

While monitoring the local community at al-Zahira district, we met Mrs. Samar al-Sayeq, 53, displaced from the Yarmouk Refugee Camp. Samar’s family consists of a husband who is ill (lumbar disc herniation) and unable to work, a sick son and his wife, and a repudiated daughter. All of them live together and have no source of income but selling bread in the street.

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We are backing you, so back yourself!

Mr. M.B  , 35 years old, is married and the sole supporter of his family consisting of his wife, three children, as well as his brother's widowed wife and two nephews. He has been displaced and lives now at al-Zahera in a rented house.

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You are my crossover bridge

L.B, 45, is divorced and the mother of two children. Her ex evaded responsibility, forcing her to become the household sole breadwinner. She is a displaced woman living in a rented house. Ms. L.B  was patient and struggled despite her difficult circumstances. She is now a living example that when good management is coupled with hope there will be nothing impossible.

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"Don't give me a fish but... teach me to fish!"

Ms. Al al-Kh, aged 27, is married and the mother of two children, one of whom has speech disorders and learning difficulties. Her husband, the children's father, cannot work because he is listed as a conscript reservist. The family was displaced from East Ghouta and lives in a rented house with Al.KH's parents. Unfortunately for her, she is her family's sole breadwinner, as her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and her brother is still at school age.

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Kh al-N is a 44-year-old widow and the mother of two children. Her husband died 15 years ago, leaving her with the huge responsibility of raising the children and securing household expenses. Her daughter suffers from a congenital brain hemorrhage that has caused her serious learning difficulties. Kh, despite the difficult circumstances, refused to beg other people’s sympathy, trying to rely on herself by working in a shop selling underwear. The war, however, forced her to flee, so she had eventually to live in a rented house in Jaramana, Rural Damascus.

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Experience and Diligence

Mr. Z.S is 35 and married. He is the sole breadwinner for a family consisting of his wife, two children and his parents. The family has been displaced and lives now at al-Zahera district in a rented house. On top of that, he suffers from Bell's palsy (facial nerve paralysis).

He was monitored at al-Zahera and offered to go to SSSD to see what help he could be provided with.

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