When a child is forced to secure one’s future, they abandon school, toys and dreams, and start growing up too early, thus losing the spring and innocence of one’s childhood under the mental and physical pressure of hard work.<

"B" is a 16-year old girl who belongs to an internally displaced family coming from Hajar Aswad area and currently living in Al- Qadam area.

In response to the recent return of about 300 families to their homes in the town of Khan Sheikhoun, Rural Idlib, the team of the Syrian Society for Social Development visited the city to form an idea about the overall situation of the newly returned families.

In response to people’s massive return to Khan Sheikhoun, rural Idlib, and in order to quickly assess the needs and identify risks to returnee families, the team of the Syrian Society for Social Development visited the town, collected data and assessed the needs.

Marah, Mohammed, Farah, and Ahmed are siblings aged 19,18, 17 and 15.

In the context of skills development of children with specific needs, and in order to enhance the latter’s self-confidence, the SSSD team organized an event at the Arab Cultural Center, al-Zahira, under the title Pearl Beads.

A lot has changed between the previous and present Eid.

“Together to Build a Promising Generation” was the title of the two-month event carried out by the Syrian Society for Social Development team at the Arab Cultural Center in Kafr-Souseh.

A training on Psychosocial Intervention through Puppetry was conducted in Masyaf on May 1, 2019 and attended by 25 trainees, working mostly with children and adolescents.

The WASH team of the Syrian Society for Social Development conducted a cleaning campaign, benefiting 1000 individuals in the neighborhood surrounding Community Center.