Outreach Volunteers (ORVs)


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The ORVs Program was launched in response to the needs of the populations affected by the ongoing conflict.

The program seeks to empower certain members of the affected community by providing them with communication and monitoring skills and training them on various programs. ORVs’ intervention does undoubtedly shorten the time to meet the affected population’s needs, as ORVs are in direct contact with the living reality. This, in turn, contributes to raising collective awareness, until a point is reached when affected people become self-reliant and can find solutions that meet their needs in coordination with the SSSD work team.

This program also contributes to motivating the affected community to undertake CBIs that contribute to challenge response, surmounting obstacles and meeting emergency needs. It also plays an important role in promoting the SSSD participatory approach to problem solving.

Over time, the ORV program will contribute to the formation of community leaders who will be able to draw on the experience gained thereat to bear post-conflict responsibilities.

Since ORVs are an important part of the work team and the main link in service provision who contribute to alleviating existing problems, SSSD holds regular meetings and training sessions so that ORVs can improve their performance and expertise and possess some basic skills in the field of humanitarian action.