Radical Change

I left my home-town Jissreen with nothing but my family. Hence, I was a hopeless man…This was how Mr. H T began his story.

Mr. HT, a 39-year-old husband and father of a young daughter, left Jissreen with his family, only to find himself in a shelter. Once out, he found no other place to go to but his in-laws’ house in Jaramana, Rural Damascus.

From then on, he began searching for a job after he had lost his furniture upholstery and detailing workshop. He started working at a workshop, and helped in household expenses, including the rent, food, and supplies for his little girl.

Mr. H T’s wife, who used to attend Psychological Support Sessions at SSSD’s center and complain about her husband’s situation, introduced him to SSSD. Consequently, he was invited to SSSD’s center, and was referred to the Small Business Grants Programme by the Psychosocial Support case manager.
He underwent a training in Entrepreneurship, and symbolized the good, responsible, and perseverant human being. Once he was done with training, he was granted the project he presented.

Several months went by, and after several follow-up visits to his workshop, he told us that he had settled with his family in a separate house. He also told us that he had contracted with some engineers and was detailing furniture for restaurants and lounges.

“My life changed drastically! I went from being a hopeless man who had lost his workshop and house, to having my own workshop again. Now I am full of hope. I look forward to going back to my hometown, and rebuilding my destroyed house. My marital problems also came to an end after I was able to provide for my wife and daughter. Currently, I aspire to expand my workshop and increase my work.”
Thus, with his relentless pursuit of work and success, and with some financial support, Mr. H T changed his life radically in the most unexpected, unimaginable way.