Recovery Of a Lost Childhood

One may go through circumstances such as war, ignorance, or even certain restricting customs and traditions, that can change the course of his life in an unplanned and unexpected way, leading to the deprivation of the most basic human rights, such as education.

Some are able to overcome these circumstances by having supportive parents that insist on getting an education, while others lack such support from their parents. In that case, there must be an alternative supporter, especially during childhood, where it is most needed. Thus, the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) was that kind of supporter through its Educational Support Programme.

The 11-year-old child, SA, was one of the children affected by these circumstances. She lived with her poor family in an unfinished apartment in Daf al-Sakher, Jaramana.

Due to the unfortunate crisis, SA and her family had to flee four times between Rural Aleppo, Zamalka in Ghouta, Daraya_ where she lost her sister during the crisis_ and back to Aleppo, until they finally settled in Jaramana. This instability reflected negatively on the child’s psychological state.

She became introverted, shy, and unable to talk or participate in any activity because of the many disappointments encountered.
SA did not register for school due to the frequent displacements, as well as her parents' lack of awareness on the importance of education. During the ORV’s monitoring, they encountered the child, and introduced her to SSSD and its activities. Consequently, SA was referred to the Educational Support Programme (dropouts).

Throughout the programme, we worked on restoring the girl's confidence in herself and the surrounding community by involving her in the programme’s activities. She was thus able to read, write and learn just like the rest of her peers. As for now, SA is currently preparing to enroll in the Class B school education through the coordination between SSSD, the child’s parents and the school.

Eventually, we succeeded in integrating our once lost child into her community, where she could finally practice her scientific and practical life away from the specter of fear and ignorance.
Both SA and her parents expressed their gratitude for SSSD’s efforts by saying: "You have brought joy and the sweet childhood back to our beloved daughter’s life!"