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Child protection: Back to school- Maskana Center- the eastern countryside of Aleppo.

On the occasion of the beginning of the school year, and in order to encourage children to commit themselves to school time, the mobile team at Meskanah Community Centre carried out a series of awareness-raising activities on the dangers of dropping out of school, targeting children and people in the villages of Wadhah, Hayet and Sukaria in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.

These activities were carried out jointly by the Syrian Society for Social Development and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and included promoting the importance of science, its positive impact on the future of children, the importance of communicating with and supporting children in their school careers, discussing the risks of dropout and difficulties impeding children's school attendance, and sharing solutions that help reduce dropout.

Parents and children interacted in activities and said:

"Financial difficulties affecting children's education and overall educational conditions"

"I got my eyes on how I could communicate with my son without beating him or depriving him of something and support him in order to go to the school."

"I knew that if I had a problem with the school that I needed to share it with my family and don't let it affect my future."

"I learned from the session that I have to ask for help. when there is hard for me in the study, and don't feel shy."

"I knew the importance of learning in our lives and we need to be hard worker to reach our goal."


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Home-based Rehabilitation for Children with Intellectual Disabilities: Inclusive Recreational, Motor and Educational Activities for Children with Disabilities – Maskaneh Community Center, Rural Aleppo

"My daughter was shy. I didn't expect her to sing and play with the other children. I hope these activities will continue in the future."

"We were very happy with the games we played, and we did not know that children with disabilities are able to play."

Believing that the process of integrating children with disabilities into society activates their role through their active participation in activities and the establishment of social relationships, the Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, implemented a series of different inclusive recreational and educational activities, in which children with different disabilities (audio, visual, motor, mental development delays and Down syndrome) were integrated with the rest of the children in the Maskana Community Center in Aleppo countryside.

In an atmosphere of intimacy, joy and fun, the children participated in a range of activities such as (Ring Walking – Skipping over barriers - Basketball - Playing Musical Instruments - Racket Game - Throwing the Ball at the Target - Moving Ball - Ring Racing – Reversing Directions - Where is the Sound Coming From) and also a group of segments such as (the beginning of a new journey - our love brought us together - we will share our times together - strengthening our senses - my beautiful words)

These sessions contributed to improving the children's lifestyle and increasing their sense of comfort and relief.


Basic Initial Interventions for Hearing Impairment - Maskanah Community Center- Aleppo

"The methods we learned today will help my son understand anyone who will want to talk to him."

"I will let people know the right way to describe my son’s disability. He has special needs."

With the aim of empowering children with hearing disabilities to understand the words of others and distinguish their voices and to preserve their auditory remains, the Syrian Society for Social Development, in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, held a training workshop for caregivers in the home rehabilitation program for persons with disabilities entitled Basic Initial Interventions for Hearing Impairment. The workshop was held in the Maskana community center in the countryside of Aleppo.

The workshop included defining hearing impairment, its types and classifications according to its source and severity, audio devices such as hearing aids, the FM device and the cochlear implant surgery, in addition to a success story of a woman who benefited from training on methods of auditory rehabilitation and cochlear implant and came back to life and continued her education as a result of the supportive environment.

In the end, guidelines for dealing with the hearing impaired were explained and parents were trained on them.

The workshop helped to instill hope among the caregivers that their children could be self-reliant and integrate themselves into society.


community initiatives: A community initiative to empower young women - Maskana community center- Aleppo.

“I have now developed a skillset through which I can work, even if the income is low right now. I hope I will be able scale the business and open up a wool workshop in the future.”

Said one of the young women who were trained in wool weaving in the town of Maskana during the "Empowerment of Young Women" initiative, which contributed to educating girls on a handicraft, where they sewed a group of sacks, bags and gloves, and attended an exhibition made out of their products in the Maskana community Center and then distributed them to children with disabilities and women breadwinners.

A community initiative to empower young women1

The initiative was implemented in cooperation between the Syrian Society for Social Development and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and two women from the local community participated in it.

A community initiative to empower young women2


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