community initiatives: A community initiative to empower young women - Maskana community center- Aleppo.

“I have now developed a skillset through which I can work, even if the income is low right now. I hope I will be able scale the business and open up a wool workshop in the future.”

Said one of the young women who were trained in wool weaving in the town of Maskana during the "Empowerment of Young Women" initiative, which contributed to educating girls on a handicraft, where they sewed a group of sacks, bags and gloves, and attended an exhibition made out of their products in the Maskana community Center and then distributed them to children with disabilities and women breadwinners.

A community initiative to empower young women1

The initiative was implemented in cooperation between the Syrian Society for Social Development and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and two women from the local community participated in it.

A community initiative to empower young women2