Basic Initial Interventions for Hearing Impairment - Maskanah Community Center- Aleppo

"The methods we learned today will help my son understand anyone who will want to talk to him."

"I will let people know the right way to describe my son’s disability. He has special needs."

With the aim of empowering children with hearing disabilities to understand the words of others and distinguish their voices and to preserve their auditory remains, the Syrian Society for Social Development, in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, held a training workshop for caregivers in the home rehabilitation program for persons with disabilities entitled Basic Initial Interventions for Hearing Impairment. The workshop was held in the Maskana community center in the countryside of Aleppo.

The workshop included defining hearing impairment, its types and classifications according to its source and severity, audio devices such as hearing aids, the FM device and the cochlear implant surgery, in addition to a success story of a woman who benefited from training on methods of auditory rehabilitation and cochlear implant and came back to life and continued her education as a result of the supportive environment.

In the end, guidelines for dealing with the hearing impaired were explained and parents were trained on them.

The workshop helped to instill hope among the caregivers that their children could be self-reliant and integrate themselves into society.