International Day for Mine Danger Awareness - Dibsi Afnan and Deir Jameel - Child Protection

Explosive remnants of war have a detrimental impact on societies even long after the end of the war, causing injuries or deaths at a distance from the explosion, and children constitute more than one third of the victims in many countries affected by explosive remnants of war.

Therefore, and in order to raise awareness among the population about explosive remnants of war, the Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with UNICEF in Aleppo, carried out a campaign on the occasion of the International Day for Mine Danger Awareness.

The campaign targeted municipal workers, farmers and children, in the villages of Dibsi Afnan and Deir Jameel in rural Aleppo, and included an explanation of the types of explosive remnants, their risks, how to protect them and the mechanism to report them.

The participants interacted during the campaign and expressed:

"I learned today if anything strange is founded in the earth, I should not come closer and tell my family immediately about it."

"Thank you because you have informed us about the correct reporting mechanism, especially that we are living in close areas at risk."


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