Support to Women-headed Households

Distributing Food Baskets: “We are All One Family” Initiative - Tartous

Along with its humanitarian work, in helping the needy families especially the breadwinner women, who do not have a steady income. The Community Initiatives Team of the Syrian Society for Social Development at Beit Al Yasmin Center in Tartous, implemented "We are One Family" initiative.

During the initiative, 38 food baskets were distributed to women in Al-Beidah, Wata Al-Beidah, Mershtah, Bustan Mattana-Banias-Khirbet Al-Sindiana-Wadi Al-Khirbeh). These women were also transferred to the World Food Program through networking with GOPA.

The team committed to the procedures to prevent Coronavirus, during the distribution, by wearing gloves and masks.


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