Child Protection: Awareness sessions for Children and Women within the Small Steps campaign on the occasion of International Children’s Day – Beit el-Yasmeen Community Center, Banias, Tartous

(My right is to play, learn and to live in a warm, safe house in peace. With small steps from me and you, my life will complete and my rights will be colored by hope, joy and love)

As part of the International Children's Day campaign, the Child Protection team at Beit Al-Yasmin Center - Banias in the Syrian Society for Social Development, with the support of the UNHCR, carried out awareness sessions throughout a month for children and women from the IDP and local community inside and outside the center.

 International Children's Day Campaign 1

International Children's Day Campaign2

The sessions included raising awareness about the rights and duties of the children and highlighting talented children with exceptional abilities in Banias city. Where many tools were used during the sessions such as puppet theatre, awareness films, drawing and recreational activities between child protection clubs and their families.

 In addition to presenting protection risks and the framework for action within the file through Power Point presentation to the Women's Committee.

 International Children's Day Campaign3

International Children's Day Campaign4

 The campaign ended with a closing event in the center with a choir, a children's drawing exhibition, a theater show, in addition to a group of recreational games.