Awareness sessions and training courses for breadwinner women in Banias countryside- Tartous

With the aim of reaching and empowering breadwinner women, within the 16-Day campaign against Gender-Based Violence, the Syrian Society for Social Development team in Tartous in cooperation with the UNHCR, carried out awareness sessions in different areas of Banias countryside in order to promote gender equality and empower women.

 Which included training them on mushroom cultivation - knitting - sewing - distillation of roses, in addition to an awareness session on data privacy policy, and the available means to protect against electronic blackmail and clarify the laws related to cyber-crimes by SARC team, and
"The Door-Knocking" campaign for beneficiaries who are hard to reach through social media.
the campaign concluded with an exhibition of women's products that were accomplished during the campaign, as a message expressing the ability of women and their independence.

And filming a video by young men and women calling for change and equality, in addition to the opening of a library at the Arab Cultural Center in Banias, includes special books on women to enhance their role in society.