Typical Lesson for Students of the Preparatory Certificate entitled "Electromagnetic Induction" – Tartous

According to applying of linking technology with education and investing technical tools in developing students' skills, knowledge and enhancing their capabilities, the educational team in the Syrian Society for Social Development, with support of UNHCR, implemented a model course at Elton Al-Jurd Center entitled "Electromagnetic induction" in physics for students of middle certificate within the systematic remedial courses.

20 male and female students were divided into two groups with full adherence to the public safety rules, and the implementation of precautionary measures facing Coronavirus (pre-sterilization of the place, temperature checks for students, sterilizing hands, wearing masks and gloves, and achieving spatial distancing)

The students get acquainted with the magnetic flux, its lines and field, Faraday’s law in electromagnetic induction, Lenz’s law, and the electric generator in terms of its parts and method of work.

The students expressed the importance of the information they obtained, especially as it established their previous theoretical information in a deductive manner and a clear understanding of the work of induction by implementing the lesson according to a assignment model and reliance on video clips explaining the mechanism of magnetic field formation.