Child-friendly Spaces: Session for Children: “Smartphones and the Internet” – al-Wudeihi CFS, Aleppo

Social media controls a large part of adolescents’ time, and educating them about how to make the most out of the Internet, while at the same time minimizing the harm, the Child Friendly Space team conducted a session entitled “Smartphones and the Internet” in the town of Al Wadhihi in the countryside of Aleppo.


The session included identifying the pros and cons of using the Internet and the negative impact of its frequent use, such as (distraction, delaying bedtime, getting bullied, spreading rumors, presenting unrealistic views of others' lives). The youths also carried out a motor activity called the circle of communication, which aimed to help them distinguish advertisements on the Internet, and how to balance online entertainment with actual activities.


The session was held in cooperation between the Syrian Society for Social Development and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.


The adolescents expressed the extent to which they benefited during the session and said:

"The topic of today's session is very important because the Internet has become an essential thing in our lives. I liked discussing the importance and need for each one of us to set hours and a specific goal for using the Internet."

“Today we found out that the positives of the Internet can easily turn into negatives if we use it randomly.”