Child-friendly Space: an awareness session entitled “My child’s health is my responsibility” -the Mosaic Community Center, Aleppo

"The phrase my son's health is my responsibility really caught my attention. Perhaps I made the mistake of not paying attention when it came to the small matters, but even those have a great impact on my son's health and growth. But that will change after what I have learned today."

"I have benefited from the medical information that was presented today and will try my best to adhere to the health guidelines so that I will rest assured that I provided my son with his rights to the fullest."

Child neglect is a form of abuse, and it leads to depriving the child of their basic needs, including not receiving adequate supervision or health care. In order to raise the awareness of mothers about the dangers of health neglect and its negative consequences on the child’s physical, mental and psychological health,

 the Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, implemented an awareness session entitled “My child’s health is my responsibility” within the child-friendly space at the Mosaic Community Center in Aleppo city.

The session included a video presentation on the types of health neglect and its consequences, a discussion with a nutritionist about proper nutrition for children, presenting pictures of examples of health neglect, and the distribution of brochures for sound health guidelines.