Child-friendly Space:I have the Right - all centers and social spaces

“Today, I learned about my rights, and this has boosted my self-confidence and me want to demand my rights without being afraid.”

"The activity was very good, I loved games and visiting the doctor who taught us about health care. I learned that I had the right to have a family without anyone differentiating between me and my sisters."

“I learned today that all children have the same rights, regardless of their age, color or birth.”

"As a young girl who is about to get married, I will try as much as I can to secure a decent life for my children in the future, in which they are able to obtain all their rights and are not exposed to protection risks. However, this will be dependent on choosing a suitable and responsible father for my children.

Believing in the importance of raising the community’ awareness on issues related to children, and in the context of strengthening the civil society’s contribution to spreading and activating the work of Child Rights Law No. 21 of 2021, the Syrian Society for Social Development, in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, implemented an event entitled, (I have the Right) in all centers and social spaces.

The event targeted children and their families, and aimed to raise societal awareness of the importance of children's rights and the risks of depriving them from these rights. It also shed light on the rights that the law worked to preserve.

The event included an explanation of the basic rights of the child, the definition of the child and the universally accepted age, and concluded with a mural on the rights of the child, in which the children participated by coloring and writing their rights on it.