Child protection: Family Friendly Space - Shams community center – Aleppo.

"I have been working all my life, and through all the years I have never pictured myself attending one of these session. I used to always think this is women’s stuff only. But I am very happy that I decided to come with my family today. I feel like it’s a day out with the people I love and I’m enjoying it. I’m also meeting people who live near me.

 I have learned today how impactful our words can be on our children.” This is what one of the fathers expressed while attending a series of "Family Friendly Space" sessions held by the Syrian Society for Social Development in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees at Shams Community Center in Aleppo

Family Friendly Space1

 Family Friendly Space2

The series aimed to enhance the role of the family in the child's life and build his personality in a healthy manner, and clarified the importance of joint work between the parents of the children and the association to ensure the protection of the child from dangers and strengthened communication between the children of the same family.

The series also demonstrated the methods of nonviolent communication with practical application over a period of five weeks and concluded with an extended day full of purposeful recreational activities.

Family Friendly Space3.

Some of the parents’ feedback after the sessions:

“This is the best type of activities I have ever attended, mainly because I got to be together with my entire family.”

“I appreciate the fact that you care about parents and children and what each of them is going through, and that you have decided to share the best methods of upbringing with us here today.”

“Since the very first session when we started on-ground application, I felt a noticeable difference with my kids, my wife and all my family members.”

“I anticipated the activities to be quite boring to be honest, since we’re men and have a different mood and style that we somehow can’t be pleased with what pleases women. But the activities were really nice and rich and it managed to change how we think and behave when it comes to approaching our kids.”