Home-based Rehabilitation for Children with Intellectual Disabilities: I Eat By Myself activity for Children with Disabilities – Al-Hader Community Space, Rural Aleppo

Children with intellectual disabilities are completely dependent on caregivers to perform their daily tasks, In order to enhance their self-reliance, the home rehabilitation team for people with disabilities at the Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, implemented the “I Can Eat By Myself” activity in the Al Hader community space,

The activity included several directed segments, including: eating foods of different textures and flavors, making a sandwich, cutting and peeling some vegetables, making pickles in small jars and helping their mother arrange the dining table.

I Can Eat By Myself activity - Al Hader community space 2

At the end of the session, the caregivers cooperated with their children by preparing and arranging a group dining table and sharing the food.

I Can Eat By Myself activity - Al Hader community space 1

Caregivers and children expressed their happiness as some commented:

"I didn't expect my blind son to be able to make pickles by himself with a wide smile I rarely ever see."

“Mama, I will always make my sandwich and eat it by myself.”