“My School’s my Friend” Campaign

The Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) conducted a joint activity between the teachers and the adolescent students to instill the spirit of participation and joy and to strengthen the bond between the teachers and students.

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Awareness raising campaign about Risk of school violence

Out of the belief of children’s right to free-of-violence- education, the child protection team of the Syrian Society for Social Development conducted an awareness session for 22 teachers at Farah Community Center, Adra Industrial City, as part of a campaign titled “My School, My 2nd Home”.

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With Hope I build a Home that Withstands Destruction

Hasan, a 15-year old, lost his parents and fled his home. He was deprived of warmth, his home city, where he grew up. War had its toll on him, his younger siblings and his elder brother and his family (wife and kids), they all fled to Damascus Suburbs, where they lived in a company in Adra Industrial City

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An Awareness Session during Warmth and Love Campaign

Following the observation of the case manager in Al-Hameh area in Qudsaya District of Rif Dimashq, and conducting needs assessment to the children enrolled in the child protection club, SSSD team found out that the level of awareness of the local community toward the side effects of negligence is low and only little

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Our home is lightened

Mr. Akram, a 63-year-old retired employee, is a new return to Al Hosen with his family of four and his elderly mother with special needs in a house in the bush far from the city's serviced residential area.

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For a better life

Iman , a 45-year-old mother of seven children and a provider for her family because of her husband physical disability due to age-related diseases of clotting and saccharin, this made him bedridden and suffering from many physical ulcers, the family fled from Soran to Idlib because of the war and returned when civili

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