Child Protection


Music, Food of the Soul

A group of adolescents- from Ghosen Community Center, Izra, Daraa- proposed organizing a musical show celebrating summer and Eid Al-Fiter.

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A Lantern from Rabih

Rabih is a 13-year-old boy who lives with his small family in Ras al-Naba'a in the city of Banias, belongs to a poor social environment in which the head of household works as a builder while the mother is a housewife.

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We Walked Together

Out of the belief that every beginning comes to an end and drawing on the importance of conveying the idea to the beneficiaries pertaining closing down some of the centers attached to the Syrian Society for Social Development, SSSD team in partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) organized an even

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“My School’s my Friend” Campaign

The Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) conducted a joint activity between the teachers and the adolescent students to instill the spirit of participation and joy and to strengthen the bond between the teachers and students.

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Awareness raising campaign about Risk of school violence

Out of the belief of children’s right to free-of-violence- education, the child protection team of the Syrian Society for Social Development conducted an awareness session for 22 teachers at Farah Community Center, Adra Industrial City, as part of a campaign titled “My School, My 2nd Home”.

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With Hope I build a Home that Withstands Destruction

Hasan, a 15-year old, lost his parents and fled his home. He was deprived of warmth, his home city, where he grew up. War had its toll on him, his younger siblings and his elder brother and his family (wife and kids), they all fled to Damascus Suburbs, where they lived in a company in Adra Industrial City

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