Home-based Rehabilitation for Children with Mental Disabilities


Merging activity - Masyaf

Merging activity

Because of the importance of integrating children with special needs with the normal children in the community center of house of family -Masiaf, the Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with the UNHCR and within the home rehabilitation program, hada merging activity after preparing the chi

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The Journey Begins with a Single Step Etidal’s Story

Two-year old Etidal, a person with Down syndrome, lives in a family of six. The family was displaced from rural Aleppo and lives currentlyin an unfinished house in Jaramana, Daff al-Sakher. When they came to visit the community center to receive some services, the girl was registered, referred to the Rehabilitation Program and integrated into a Friendship Group. In fact, all children were enrolled in age-appropriate activities to obtain services offered at the CC.

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His Guardian Angel Youssef’s Story

We met Youssef’s mother after SSSD ORVs had monitored her son. She had come to the community center to get help for him, a 5-year-old Down syndrome boy living with a displaced family from Saqba (Damascus Reef) at one of their relatives’ because they could not afford to rent a house. He was then referred to the Home Rehabilitation Program by the Child Protection case manager.

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Gimme a chance and see how I get!” Inas’ story

“When we look at her now we can hardly believe our eyes!”
Thus said the mother of 8-year-old Inas, a girl with special needs, mental retardation and speech disorders. She currently lives with her family composed of 5 people in the Unfinished Buildings in extremely difficult living conditions after they were expelled from Rural Damascus (Hazzé).

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A Little Angel Dropped By… Little Ahmad’s Story

Five-year old Ahmad had development problems, nerve shortness, a mild cognitive retardation, and a hydrocephaly that affected the auditory nerve and hearing.
Ahmed lived in Jaramana, Daff al-Sakher, within a family of five, displaced from Aleppo, in a rented house under harsh material and health conditions.

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Awareness session in Aqrab - Hama

Awareness session in Aqrab

The Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with the UNHCR held an awareness session at Aqrab Center on the concept of disability (children with disabilities - people with disabilities - talking about the causes of mental disability - correcting some misconceptions a

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Hand in hand - Hama

Hand in hand

As part of the home rehabilitation program, the Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with the UNHCR, held an activityto integratea group of children with disabilities with a group of normal children, after preparing the normal children to meet up with the disabled

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