Integrative Activity

Merge activity

The SSSD held an integrative activity in collaboration with the UNHCR, and within the Home-Based Care Programme at one

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Code of Conduct

the rules of the behaviors

In response to the women's request to learn about the basics of correcting their children’s wrong behavior, the Syrian

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For a better life

Iman , a 45-year-old mother of seven children and a provider for her family because of her husband physical disability due to age-related diseases of clotting and saccharin, this made him bedridden and suffering from many physical ulcers, the family fled from Soran to Idlib because of the war and returned when civili

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The biggest help

Sana, 20 years old, living with her parents in the city of Hama suffers from the birth of paralysis of quadrilateral spasmodic partial upper and full lower limb, she has been under several operations, but could not walk and never went out of the house which caused her psychological pressure, we know her condition thr

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