Merging activity - Masyaf

Merging activity

Because of the importance of integrating children with special needs with the normal children in the community center of house of family -Masiaf, the Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with the UNHCR and within the home rehabilitation program, hada merging activity after preparing the chi

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The holidays - Hama

After the huge efforts and the hard-working of the adolescents during the exams period, and the beginning of the holidays, SSSD team in cooperation with the UNHCR in the House of Family community center / Hama - Masyaf implemented a series of recreational activities within the Friend program in order to organize the

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The Beekeeping profession

A Step Towards Success for a Brighter Life- Beekeeping

The Beekeeping profession is known to be a great source of livelihood for young people as well as a profession that appeals to the rural populati

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Awareness session

awareness session

In response to the request of the women in Aqrab town to talk about Autism Disorder because of the lack of their knowl

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I can....

Because they are the most marginalized groups in the society and because they are in need of support and highlight their rights and in order to integrate them with their peers and try to change some misconceptions and create a generation that advocates for the rights of people with special needs, on the occasion of W

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My smile is important for you - Hama

My smile is important for you

Under the title (My smile is important for you), The Syrian Society for Social Development innorth Hama,Qamhaneh center, with the participation of children and their families celebrate the occasion of the World Day for people with special needs.The children preparedsmall gifts acc

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Awareness session in Aqrab - Hama

Awareness session in Aqrab

The Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with the UNHCR held an awareness session at Aqrab Center on the concept of disability (children with disabilities - people with disabilities - talking about the causes of mental disability - correcting some misconceptions a

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Hand in hand - Hama

Hand in hand

As part of the home rehabilitation program, the Syrian Society for Social Development, in cooperation with the UNHCR, held an activityto integratea group of children with disabilities with a group of normal children, after preparing the normal children to meet up with the disabled

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