Thalassemia Heros -CBI

Thalassemia Heros

In a real story starred by epic heroes and heroines who lived in the shade. Their lives were nothing but struggle and fight against disease, who suffered in every sense of the word; nonetheless, they are still holding on to life, clinging to looms of hope.

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making mosquito nets

making mosquito nets hasaka

Having faith in the critical role women play in the community and the importance of providing the means for them to step in to find solutions for community dilemmas, SSSD team in cooperation with UNHCR supervised a CBI in Al-Layliyeh neighborhood, Al-Hasakah governorate carried ou

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Al-Khabour River Banks - CBI

Al-Khabour River Banks

Strongly believing in the abilities of the civil society to make a substantial difference through supporting individuals and directing their energies toward solving the problems they face, SSSD team in cooperation with UNHCR provided support to a group of men and youths to overhau

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"Small Steps" Campaign and Events

With “small steps” and eyes gleaming with hope, the children filled the ceremonial halls in the governorates of Damascus, Sweida, Aleppo, Hama, Tartous, Homs and Hasakeh, where the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) is carrying out its activities.

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Success is Limited to No One

Mrs. A M is a 33-year-old widow with 6 children, one of whom has down’s syndrome. Her husband was martyred 5 years ago after his enrollment in the National Defense. The family is from Nassirah in Hassakeh and resides in its own property, which makes Mrs. A.M the sole breadwinner after her husband’s death.

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Your Help was my Salvation

Mr. Kh N is a 36-year-old married man with four children residing in Mjarjaa. He had many failed attempts to improve his family’s life because of his employers’ exploitation and greed, which put him down and crushed his modest dreams.

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My Life Became Brighter

Mrs. Kh H is a 42-year-old widow, mother of 10 and the sole breadwinner. She was displaced from Deir al-Zour and is currently living in a rented house along with her mother-in-law, and pays a rent of 15000 SYP per month.

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Now I am Starting to Breathe

Mrs. M was born in Qamishli in 1982. She’s divorced with three children__ two daughters and a son__ and lives with her parents and siblings in Corniche neighborhood in Qamishli. When Mrs.

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