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Awareness Raising Sessions about COVID-19, Al Hameh, Rural Damascus

As part of the national preventive measures against COVID-19, the Syrian Society for Social Development conducted several awareness raising sessions in Beit Al Salam Center, Al Hameh, Rural Damascus, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The sessions targeted the staff and volunteers working in the center to empower them to follow proper procedures while dealing with the beneficiaries (different groups from the local community) and to educate them about proper handling of the inquiries of the beneficiaries about the virus.

Doctors and specialists volunteered to conduct the above-mentioned sessions. The sessions covered: (1) how the virus spreads and ways of infection, (2) prevention means, (3) illustration of the correct way of washing hands and wearing face masks.

The volunteers attending the session affirmed, “This session was very important and beneficial. We are no longer worried about attending to the inquires of the beneficiaries. Information is power and we are confident about sharing it with them.”

It is worth mentioning that the team followed disinfection measures as detailed.

  • Before entering the hall, attendees were sprayed with sterilization material.
  • During the session, the hall was disinfected.
  • The attendees were divided into small groups to mitigate the risk of gathering in a closed space. 
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