You are my crossover bridge

L.B, 45, is divorced and the mother of two children. Her ex evaded responsibility, forcing her to become the household sole breadwinner. She is a displaced woman living in a rented house. Ms. L.B  was patient and struggled despite her difficult circumstances. She is now a living example that when good management is coupled with hope there will be nothing impossible.

L.B  was identified at al-Zahira district by ORVs who introduced her to the possibilities SSSD provides. She decided, according to her desire and experience, to work in a small "nouveautés" shop at the Ruknel-Din district.

Thus she underwent the community support project management course and was presented to a specialized committee in the presence of a UNHCR representative. She succeeded and her project was retained: a shop for the sale of women's underwear and accessories. The project took effect immediately: a shop was rented and the merchandise purchased, so that she was ready to effectively begin with Eid al-Fitr (22/06/2017).

Lena proved to be a very active woman, enthusiastic and optimistic, firmly believing in a better future. She began to work in her small shop relentlessly, increasing her working hours till late at night.

She was followed up in the shop at regular intervals. What the observers took note of were her diligence, the speed of her coping with the situation and the way she received and dealt with new customers. But this was not all. Working in her project impacted on her life personally, both economically and socially, and even on her outer appearance, particularly in a lovely smile that never leaves her face. This is how she expressed the dramatic change in her life:

"Work helped me to get to know people from various walks of life, to engage in society, to take responsibility, to feel self-sufficient, able to meet the basic needs of my home, to help my children in their homework and, most importantly, to pay off my debts, which had become a real burden. Dealing with ladies is a beautiful thing. I even changed my look, the type of clothes I used to wear. Work put me in a new milieu that requires me to always look decently elegant. All this made me a person happy with her life, someone more able to cope with life's difficulties."

This small project served as a gate of hope, a bridge through which Ms. L.B  gained a significant measure of autonomy, sought a means to earn a decent living and reintegrate into society.

This is how life is in times of hardship: from the heart of difficulties one can create hope!